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Greenfield Recorder Gazette Greenfield Recorder Gazette
Monday, July 13, 1964

Greenfield, Massachusetts
United States Of America
... 78. J. Pula-76i H.^Becklo-T?, H. Rlpka-Sr, C. Uchm^ri... ..., 85 . 78; S. Kallnowski, 79 . T2; J. Pula, 78 - 72; H. BecklO, 75 •...
Greenfield Recorder Gazette Greenfield Recorder Gazette
Monday, July 20, 1964

Greenfield, Massachusetts
United States Of America
... Pula, 7-6. Henry Ripka, Al Interlande, David Hutchinson and Charles... ...ovèr R. Perry, 6 and 5; J. Pula over T. Jones, 3 and 2. Second Round Reed over... ..., 29-26; John ChaiTon, 38-29; J. Pula, 31-28;...
Wichita Daily Times Wichita Daily Times
Wednesday, April 18, 1928

Wichita Falls, Texas
United States Of America
... Harvey-Snlder Blda. Architects »•rbert VoelrCter Jet» <9. OSse« VOK».«’KKH Ä OSXOM ArrlhUertiB SOt Parictns-Snlder ßlde Phon« «4ß« OL J. Pula J««ae C Thompcoo S»ATffl A 'TMOMPSOJI Arrbltccta SOCB-tOOe City...
Chester Times Chester Times
Tuesday, October 23, 1934

Chester, Pennsylvania
United States Of America
... 300mile 1acC Chatham Va on October 13 100 birds from 10 lofts with the following results Dclco Lofts 1070817 Hatton George Eckenroth H Strickland J Pula J McCronc nrt A 200mile speclai nominated race from...
Doylestown Intelligencer Doylestown Intelligencer
Tuesday, June 01, 1999

Doylestown, Pennsylvania
United States Of America
... He was a friend to Bill W for 13 years. Funeral services will be held on Thursday, June 3 at 11 a.m. from the Joseph J. Pula Funeral Home, 23 North Ninth Street, Stroudsburg. Burial will follow in the...
Bemidji Pioneer Bemidji Pioneer
Tuesday, February 25, 1975

Bemidji, Minnesota
United States Of America
... 2 9 Smith I 0-0 0 2 Doyle 6 23 3 14 Medina 0 V5 3 3 Cash 2 0-0 3 4 Sanders 0 0-0 I 0 Wilkes 0 0-0 0 0 Freburg 0 0-0 0 0 Kelliher (47) 22 8-13 19 52 Davidson 0 VS 2 I Mortenson 4 0-3 3 8 Hanks 2 22 5 6 Leach 3 13 0 7 Krueth 4 24 4 IO J. Pula I 2-4 I 4 Nistler I 0-1 2 2 Grundmeier 3 0-2 I 6 Stomberg 0...
Lubbock Avalanche Journal Lubbock Avalanche Journal
Wednesday, January 24, 1973

Lubbock, Texas
United States Of America
... "What we found out about the doves hasn't changed," he said. "They were hit very hard and there was a lot of j/;pula-tion damage." "The second time around the men in the field saw...
Greenfield Recorder Greenfield Recorder
Monday, June 28, 1971

Greenfield, Massachusetts
United States Of America
... M; Hager of Littleton. PULA — A Franklin County Public Hospital, June 28,.. a daughter, Deborah Eileen, to Mr. and Mrs. Bruno J. Pula of 169 Locust St., Holyoke; granddaughter of Mr. and Mrs. William H....
Daily Globe Daily Globe
Tuesday, May 18, 1971

Ironwood, Michigan
United States Of America
... will so i P-m. Wednesday. neld at hostesses for the evadnawiU beltoJovWar ing is done with three strokes evening wiu DC Airs. War- j pula, chairman, assisted by Mmes. Ruth Mattson, Pearl DaRonco. Elsie...
Daily Globe Daily Globe
Thursday, January 28, 1965

Ironwood, Michigan
United States Of America
... presented'Helen Bruno- Martha Juoppen. sented by the church council for Nels Kuivi-ner! and Alvin Kum- 1965. Tie total budget is j pula and also to the outgo ing'Of this amount of is ear-! cnurch council...
Lumberton Robesonian Lumberton Robesonian
Wednesday, September 28, 1949

Lumberton, North Carolina
United States Of America
... Rural f xpan*ion Hov. f • ei, ».¡r. .neot .• t’l; lilt it,. < v r ! ’.nés. netw >i kin*^ w *• t»>i \ a itb a j »»pula’ "M ul : » Î no .    at n t o\ n ,!»►; ‘jii VOBK OF ART!...
Greenfield Daily Recorder Gazette Greenfield Daily Recorder Gazette
Friday, September 06, 1935

Greenfield, Massachusetts
United States Of America
... the advantage but the tackers managed to • outplay their oppon;2r.V.s ari^J keep their one point lead.' Th,e Tackers: Zwolinski, If; J. Pula-ski, 2; W. Snow, sf; C. Klngs-man> ssi L. Sosnoski.- pr...
Amarillo Daily News Amarillo Daily News
Friday, July 27, 1934

Amarillo, Texas
United States Of America
... Nazi putsch in Austria and the assassination of Dollfuss. With the prefacing remark that he "had nothing to say," Davis sti* j pula ted that none of his comments be corralled in quotation marks. He...
Findlay Morning Republican Findlay Morning Republican
Friday, November 14, 1930

Findlay, Ohio
United States Of America
... Riie, Mr. and ítñ, E. 8. FInk, Mr. and Mta. Sam Gnv, Mrs. Ckiyla AItmaa and Mr. and Mrs. y. B. miar. Nina «mt of ten ot tba j^pula-tloa of tha United SUtsa hava had meaSlat. Brown cofttliittea ta be oae ef...
Logansport Press Logansport Press
Wednesday, December 28, 1927

Logansport, Indiana
United States Of America
... i I garage where the damage of i Cincinnati Dec US the wasestlmated at f S Kprser Angoles exposition REMUS FRIEND Miss Josephine Smith daughter j Pula and on the Nash J700 None of I promoter who came to...
Iola Register Iola Register
Saturday, October 16, 1926

Iola, Kansas
United States Of America
... Entered at tb^ tola Fostofho* S^nd' Cluss Matter. Telephonel .J... ...t... ........18 (Private Branch- Exehange ConnectiBS : , All Pepar^ent*) \ omelal Paper (My of tola, pmclfl Paper City of BaM...
Vernon Weekly Record Vernon Weekly Record
Thursday, January 07, 1926

Vernon, Texas
United States Of America
... is I*. iced, < 2 P i- Nut’*rn-Wide Sheet s and v’ , * n£r in- ’    ■    id in quality and j -pula'' ;. Ted! try uicrnI abl J * > iv r < f t (A . 'n r iM CX' I m I H r V...
Athens Messenger Athens Messenger
Saturday, June 03, 1922

Athens, Ohio
United States Of America
... na womm readers of this paper friendships and pi- as in cs A child born and vull reply to them in these columns on this day will be J pula:    ramant Li tters to Miss Laurie should be ad- and moat...
Grandview Exponent Grandview Exponent
Thursday, June 01, 1922

Grandview, Manitoba
... 5 e tress — re« Beve indtgeu* U__ lion;improve the complexion— brighten the eyes tetU mi—Saudi Dwe—Small fr lot oi I : o j- «pula A s- fsr V.»r*rd » «c d take • o ott er n/fUC Nigh! and Horoinq cL A Ham*...
Martinsville Democrat Martinsville Democrat
Friday, July 16, 1915

Martinsville, Indiana
United States Of America
... of til.- p.-eph ■ Mil m.'A • u ¡II f;ik:!;- pr »-ure:i'.'r -.-< ur;' '■:ntr> .(•.\;;> If.'-a 'i (.!'. t'. .lUilit- u: j. .pula' .n^: • I > I au- ■ ■ ei'ü.- .-'i. r inu- ..n ;h.'...
London Standard London Standard
Saturday, December 19, 1914

London, Middlesex
United Kingdom
... situation here as to render undesirable his absence from the Union, where his remarkable personality counts for so much among the Dutch j^pula-tion and exerts so enormously steadying an influence. General Botha in...
Indianapolis Star Indianapolis Star
Friday, July 26, 1912

Indianapolis, Indiana
United States Of America
... you for work and culled me to tbe telephone one night life than anything and asked to try Dr Pink The man or woman whose blood ie j PUla fw People Out of curiosity filled with remember'I bought a box In a short...
Kingston Gleaner Kingston Gleaner
Thursday, December 08, 1910

Kingston, Kingston
... Islands lnjntu[ another way.. to-mprrqjfl,. ac^rjfc-,,; search of .work. In St. Jan the md,-y ing^ as their emotions are mpy.ed; j-pula^lon was 2,475 in J83D. To-day It Is their Bhlftlngvote which;4eir-,...
La Croix Du Nord La Croix Du Nord
Sunday, December 15, 1907

Paris, Ile De France
... c^t arrivé, annonçant que Smara, résidence de Mael-Ai-nin au Siûiara, a été pillée par la tribu dea Réguibat. Anfiouss continue à châtier les j^pula-tions hafidistes sur le territoire Chiadma, mais il craint...
Boston Daily Globe Boston Daily Globe
Tuesday, May 05, 1891

Boston, Massachusetts
United States Of America
... postpaid with dUrectlouB for use upon receipt of 25 conta. Box 1866, Porthmd, 31e. 'TThSaZOt . mhS4 f\TM Itlft. STBWAltT'S compoifrd tansy \J pUla tor ladlea; Bate and euro; �2 by mall,sealed, wltb valuable...
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