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Bryan Daily Eagle Bryan Daily Eagle
Sunday, February 23, 1969

Bryan, Texas
United States Of America
... W.(committee in charge. Bridal Activities E. McCasland on Saturday. Co-hostesses for the event were Mims. McCasland, Wayne Crawford, George B. Taack, Jr. Rnd Billy Feldman. Misses Charmille Bridges and Anne...
Le Mars Globe Post Le Mars Globe Post
Monday, August 26, 1929

Lemars, Iowa
United States Of America
... Fred E. Ellers » KITTENBALL STANDING a , "^ r- il^ Xm- 1 family, Hiiiton, Mr. and Mrs. game, d. uu, j ^^^. j^ j^.^.^ p^^^ taack . Jr. and family of Craig. We're suffering one nuisance In , , ^ raig...
Sioux County Capital Sioux County Capital
Thursday, May 16, 1957

Orange City, Iowa
United States Of America
... vas read about the Annual lecognition Banquet and Pro iam to be held at Storm Lake on May 21 at the Cobblestone nn Gerhard Scholten and John Taack jr were appointed to make contact with It was decided that since...
Daily Herald Daily Herald
Thursday, March 14, 1957

Chicago, Illinois
United States Of America
... Kohl MS Drajus 447 ilout 828 G S 473 Spike RODS Gillie tO 840 er 412 392 459 Tile Sales Bellorno 436 Gooley 454 838 Lucke 412 Taack Jr 836 Ed 115 Bloome J mn 834 THK 41 28 Swans 3D Gold Finches 31 Cardinals...
Wichita Falls Times Wichita Falls Times
Monday, July 07, 1958

Wichita Falls, Texas
United States Of America
... at ' Room 225 Hamilton Bldg. from July 14 ,to September 14 A secretary will be on duty - Phone 322-4363 B. Taack. George B. Taack Jr.. who received a BS degree in electronics from Texas A&M, has...
Wichita Falls Times Wichita Falls Times
Sunday, April 22, 1956

Wichita Falls, Texas
United States Of America
... SARAH MOORE Mr. and Mrs. Grady Alvin Payne, Bellaire, Tex., announce the marriage of their daughter, Sheridan Janice, to George Burn-hardt Taack Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. George Burnhardt Taack of Wichita...
Morning Chronicle Morning Chronicle
Thursday, June 16, 1825

London, Middlesex
United Kingdom
... JND IRELAND, iiOtrSE OF ¿c;Xl>S—Joke 15. The LOflD CfiANCEiCLOR pi Pficntetl a Petition from certain Aitor^evi n Cbeltetfham, Glk»«.cesterNhire, against the C«" Courts’ BilJ. Also a iofher...
European Stars and Stripes European Stars and Stripes
Tuesday, March 22, 1994

Darmstadt, Hesse
... STRIPES / Page 23 Flying Lessons 32 COLE MAN AERO CLUB A Groat Place to Learnto Fly Mannheim 0621-788 7601 or DSN 382-4103 Music Lessons 34 MUSIC LESSONS. Most inslru- merits plus theory. 06374-2021....