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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Daniel Yacobone Day, Month, 1955
Julieta Micaela Yacobone Rios (born Yacobone) Day, Month, 191
Albina Yacobone (born Cappucci) Day, Month, 1886 Day, Month, 1937
Antonio Yacobone Day, Month, 1883 Day, Month, 1962
Antonio Yacobone Day, Month, 1923 Day, Month, 1989
Concepcion Yacobone Day, Month, 1915 Day, Month, 1974
Jose Yacobone 1910 1948
Maria Dominga Palazzolo (born Yacobone) Day, Month, 1912 Day, Month, 1979
Mario Yacobone Day, Month, 1921 Day, Month, 1966
Pedro Yacobone Day, Month, 1918 Day, Month, 2004
Carlos Yacobone
Elena Yacobone (born ......)
Juan Yacobone
<Private> Congregado Yacobone
<Private> Congregado Yacobone
<Private> Congregado Yacobone
<Private> Congregado Yacobone
<Private> Betbeder (born Yacobone)
<Private> Congregado (born Yacobone)
<Private> Congregado (born Yacobone)
<Private> Congregado Ozuna (born Yacobone)
<Private> Martinez (born Yacobone)
<Private> Pereyra (born Yacobone)


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