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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Julienne Sapelkine (born Wable) Day, Month, 1902 Place Day, Month, 1974
Jacob Samuel Wable Day, Month, 1885 Place, USA Day, Month, 1936
Sarinda Mae Wable (born Rhodes) Day, Month, 1885 Place, USA Day, Month, 1932
Adolphe Edouard Wable Place Day, Month, 1879
Adèle (Emilie Julie) Wable (born Jacquet) Day, Month, 1885 Place Day, Month, 1974
Alexander Wable Day, Month, 1865 Place
Anatole Léon Wable Day, Month, 1840 Place Date, 1916
Angélique Gibert (born Wable) 1720 Day, Month, 1765
Angélique Gibert (born Wable) 1720 Day, Month, 1765
Angélique Gibert (born Wable) 1720 Day, Month, 1765
Aubra Raymond Wable Day, Month, 1918 Place, West Virginia
Barbara Joan Swinford (born Wable) Day, Month, 1931 Place, Indiana Day, Month, 1994
Camille Van Caleken (born Wable) Day, Month, 1883 Place Date, 1966
Carl Sylvester Wable Day, Month, 1916 Place, Indiana Day, Month, 1921
Charles (Napoléon Jean-Baptiste Ernest) Wable Day, Month, 1879 Place 1928
Clara Vernelle Weller (born Wable) Day, Month, 1905 Place, Ohio 1996
Clarence Dally Wable Day, Month, 1892 Place, USA Day, Month, 1959
Conrad Wable 1740 1810
Conrad Wable 1740 1810
Cécile Henriette Wable (born Osset) Day, Month, 1882 Place Date, 1958
Edmond Alfred Wable Day, Month, 1872 Place Date, 1950
Elise Ou Elisabeth Bois (born Wable) Day, Month, 1807 Place Date, 1878
Elva C. Wable Date, 1915 Place, USA Day, Month, 1975
Ethel Wable (born Baker) Day, Month, 1917 Day, Month, 2001
Eugène Pierre Constant Wable Day, Month, 1868 Place Date, 1900
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