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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Dvora Dolly Shenkar Tabatchnik (born Binder) Day, Month, 1919 Place 1999
David (David Ben David) Tabatchnik Day, Month, 1941 Place, Israel Day, Month, 1973
Esther Mohla Schoenfeld (born Tabatchnik) Day, Month, 1923 Place, Israel Day, Month, 2010
Hava Tabatchnik (born Berdichevsky) Day, Month, 1879 Place Day, Month, 1962
Haya Levitan (born Tabatchnik) Date, 1908 Place, Russia Day, Month, 1988
Isaac Tabatchnik Day, Month, 1906 Place, Ukraine Day, Month, 1993
Joshua Zvi (Osia Gresha) Tabatchnik Day, Month, 1896 Place, Ukraine Day, Month, 1971
Kalman (Kalman Ben-David) Tabatchnik Day, Month, 1872 Place Day, Month, 1951
Mania Miriam (Miriam Tabatchnik) Vexelman (born Tabatchnik) Day, Month, 1902 Place, Ukraine Day, Month, 1980
Menia (Mina Tabatchnik) Shabsis (born Tabatchnik) 1899 Place, Ukraine Day, Month, 1944
Miriam Tabatchnik (born Isakovic) Day, Month, 1909 Hungary Day, Month, 1976
Naomi Peli (born Tabatchnik) 1916 Place, Ukraine Day, Month, 1991
Shifra Shilgi (born Tabatchnik) 1914 Place, Ukraine Day, Month, 2000
Shoshana-Roza Tabatchnik (born Cerniac) Day, Month, 1912 Place Day, Month, 1998
Tamara Temkin (born Tabatchnik) Day, Month, 1920 Place Day, Month, 2004
Yacov Tabatchnik 1922 Place 1990
Dora Poretz (born Tabatchnik) 1890 1937
Annita Naslavsky (born Tabatchnik) Day, Month, 1912 Russia
Nadia (Nessia) Tabatchnik (born Nipomnisha) Day, Month, 1895 Day, Month, 1983
Yitzhak Tabatchnik Date, 1909 Place Day, Month, 1968
Bessie Tabatchnik (born Guralnick) Place, USA
Chanah Tabatchnik Place, USA
Ida אידה Tabatchnik (born לוברוב) Day, Month, 2009
Joseph Tabatchnik Place, USA
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