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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Børge Hjerl Hansen (Døbt Schwartz Hansen) Day, Month, 1900 Place Day, Month, 1975
Kirsten Margrethe Hjerl-Hansen (Døbt Schwartz Hansen) (born Dige) Day, Month, 1902 Place Day, Month, 1985
Mogens Hjerl-Hansen (Døbt Schwartz Hansen) Day, Month, 1901 Place Day, Month, 1982
Ruth Ehrhardt (born Hjerl-Hansen (Døbt Schwartz Hansen)) Day, Month, 1898 Place Day, Month, 1975
Edith Duci Kuchar Schwartz (born Gluck) 1924 Place Day, Month, 2010
Julia (Júlia Schwartz Schneider) Schwartz Schneider (born Júlia Schwartz) Day, Month, 1886 Place Day, Month, 1969
Ilonka [Yildiz] Atillasoy [Schwartz] (born Gonczi (Goldstein)) Day, Month, 1900 Place Day, Month, 1991
Jacob Petersen Schwartz Day, Month, 1847 Place Day, Month, 1931
Jan Petersen Schwartz: Day, Month, 1841 Place Day, Month, 1877
Frank Swartz (Schwartz) Day, Month, 1832 Place Day, Month, 1900
Charles Swartz Schwartz Day, Month, 1841 Place Day, Month, 1912
Mária Szemere (Schwartz) (born Laczkó (Fischer)) Day, Month, 1938 Place Day, Month, 2012
Anna Margrethe Frantzen Schwartz (born Johansdatter (Ransin)) 1712 Place Day, Month, 1798
Frandz Frantzen Schwartz 1712 Place 1789
Johanne Cathrine Margrethe Hlenschl Ger (born Frandsdatter Schwarts) Day, Month, 1765 Place Day, Month, 1840
Valeria Csaszar Korn (born Weiszberger Kohn) Day, Month, 1912 Place Date, 1985
Manó Szemere (Schwartz) Day, Month, 1898 Place Day, Month, 1957
Anna Szemere (Schwartz) Manóné (born Szemere (Iritz)) Day, Month, 1905 Place Day, Month, 1983
פיגלא ליכטענשטיין (born שוורץ) 1917 Place, Romania Day, Month, 1944
Eva Marie Eck (born Eck [Schwartz]) Day, Month, 1896 Place, Pa Day, Month, 1977
Marie J. Eck (born Eck [Schwartz]) Day, Month, 1905 Place, Pa Day, Month, 1990
Mary (Maria) Ring (born Anna Schwartz) Day, Month, 1816 Place 1888
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