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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Kristoffer Axelsen Saarheim 1629 Place Day, Month, 1710
Axel Kristoffersen Saarheim Date, 1610 Place Date, 1666
Dorthe Kristoffersen Saarheim (born Mogensdtr. Rygg) 1669 Place 1758
Inger Ellingsson Rygg (born Pedersdtr. Beyer) Day, Month, 1712 Place 1785
Maren Pedersdatter Beyer (born Kristoffersen Saarheim) 1707 Place Day, Month, 1785
Peder Kristoffersen Saarheim 1675 Place 1755
Oline Jakobsdatter Saarheim (born Moldestad) Day, Month, 1854 Place 1882
Ingjeber Simonsson Saarheim (born Arnesdtr. Saarheim) 1674 Place 1749
Andrea Elisa Helgås (born Saarheim) 1884 Place 1964
Andrea Elisa Helgås (born Saarheim) 1884 Place 1964
Andrea Elisa Helgås (born Saarheim) 1884 Place 1964
Daniel Simonson Saarheim 1677 Place 1752
Simen Mikkjelson Saarheim 1656 Place Day, Month, 1696
Daniel Danielsson Saarheim 1720 Place 1765
Ingeborg Olssen Hamre (born Danielsdtr. Aase) Day, Month, 1752 Place Day, Month, 1822
Birgitte Andersen Saarheim (born Axelsdtr.) Date, 1570 Place Date, 1645
Kristoffer Andersen Saarheim Date, 1570 Place Date, 1645
Marta Danielsson Saarheim (born Andersdtr. Herstad) 1717 Place
Kjellaug Fredriks.Valgermo (born Antonsdtr.Saarheim) Date, 1914 Place
Daniel Simonsson Saarheim 1681 Place
Maren Axelsen Saarheim (born Jonsdtr. Beyer) Date, 1636 1715
Jacob Axelsen Saarheim 1641 Place
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