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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Margarito Mariano Barrios Rabanales Day, Month, 1922 Place Day, Month, 2008
Angela Amparo Rabanales Herrera (born Rabanales Rivera) Day, Month, 1963 Place, Guatemala Day, Month, 2011
Gricelda Quintina Fainé Arangua (born Rabanales Ortiz) Day, Month, 1923 Place, Chile Day, Month, 2002
Miguel Angel Rabanales Rivera Day, Month, 1919 Place Day, Month, 1969
Genaro Socorro Bravo Rabanales Day, Month, 1919 Place 2005
Camila Maria Barrios Rabanales (born Barrios Cruz) Day, Month, 2009 Place, Guatemala Day, Month, 2010
Manuela Barrios Rabanales (born Arevalo Tobar) Day, Month, 1922 Day, Month, 2008
Antonia Sánchez Rabanales (born Donoso-Cortés García) Date, 1821 Place Day, Month, 1870
Beatríz Heredero (born Alonso Rabanales) Day, Month, 1714 Place
Maria Rogelia Bravo Rabanales (born Marroquin) 1928 1986
Yussef Gassan Aranky Rabanales Day, Month, 1977 Day, Month, 2002
Florinda Estela Mejia Ramírez (born Rabanales López) Day, Month, 1934 Day, Month, 1996
Sr. Pánfilo Álvarez Rabanales Day, Month, 1915 Day, Month, 2008
Juana Cifuentes Soto (born Cantó Rabanales) Day, Month, 1902 Day, Month, 1987
María Josepha Larrauna Vallejos (born Martinez Rabanales) Day, Month, 1746 Place, Chile
María Josepha Larrauna Vallejos (born Martinez Rabanales) Day, Month, 1746 Place, Chile
Daniel José Del Valle Rabanales Day, Month, 1998 Day, Month, 1998
Catarino Emilio Fuentes Rabanales Day, Month, 1922 Day, Month, 1999
Valeriana Ramos Rabano (born Clemente Rabanales) 1886 Place
Benigna Rabanales Place
Rodolfo Rabanales Day, Month, 1960 Day, Month, 1989
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