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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Agostina Serra (born Quai) 1867 Place 1951
Angela Depau (born Quai) 1850 Place 1874
Emanuela Sini (born Quai) 1865 Place 1956
Giovanna Quai (born Salis) Day, Month, 1874 Place Day, Month, 1899
Maria Mariotti (born Quai) Day, Month, 1916 Place Day, Month, 1990
Marie-Jos├ęphine Joubert (born Quai) Day, Month, 1814 Place Date, 1875
Raffaela Pisu (born Quai) 1860 Place 1927
Marie-Marthe Quai Dit Dragon, Guay (born Richaume) Day, Month, 1665 Place, Canada Day, Month, 1703
Mathurine Le Dain (born Le Quai (Le Hay)) Day, Month, 1822 Place, France Date, 1884
Louis Quays Ou Quay Ou Quai Ou Quais Day, Month, 1780 Place Day, Month, 1847
Louise Chevalier (born Dragon-Quai) Date, 1705 Place Date, 1805
Virginia Corona (born Quai) 1884 1964
Jeanne Quai (born Hardelin)
Jane 'Milika' Quai Hoi (born Chan) 1993
Charles Quai 1697 1771
Louis Quai Date, 1766 Day, Month, 1815
Ricarda Quai (born Lopez) Day, Month, 1889 Place, Texas Day, Month, 1927
Salvatore Quai Day, Month, 1857 Place
Louis Quai Dit Dragon, Guay 1665 Day, Month, 1750
Domenico Quai 1818 Day, Month, 1878
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