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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Jules Naal 1864 Place 1889
Juana Bautista Yah Moo (born Naal Baas) 1874 Place, Mexico 1950
Francisco Naal Can 1850 Place, Mexico 1920
Jacoba Naal Can (born Baas Chi) 1853 Place, Mexico 1930
Jacob Nagel Naal Day, Month, 1652 Place Day, Month, 1736
Elizabeth Justine Naal (born Braley) Day, Month, 1925 Day, Month, 2007
Emile Seraphin Naal Day, Month, 1865 Place, Ca Day, Month, 1952
Julien Naal Day, Month, 1895 1964
Jannigje De Naal (born Van Meeteren) 1764 Place Day, Month, 1814
Urban Naal Day, Month, 1927 Place, Illinois Day, Month, 2009
Alberto Poo Naal 1913 Place, Mexico Day, Month, 1914
Miguel Pool Naal 1904 Place, Mexico Day, Month, 1907
Ciriaco Yah Naal 1893 Place, Mexico Day, Month, 1913
Francisca Yah Naal (born Yah Moo) 1907 Place, Mexico Day, Month, 1908
Margarita Yah Naal (born Yah Moo) 1909 Place, Mexico Day, Month, 1910
Santiago Yah Naal Day, Month, 1905 Place, Mexico Day, Month, 1906
Susana Yah Naal (born Yah Moo) 1898 Place, Mexico 1958
Florence Naal (born Schumacher) Day, Month, 1897
Elizabeth Naal (born Pepion) 1803 Place Day, Month, 1837
Jean Pierre Naal 1802 Place Day, Month, 1848
Narcisa Naal (born Can) 1826 Place, Mexico 1895
Seraphin Naal Day, Month, 1835 Place, France 1860
Tomas Naal 1824 Place, Mexico 1895
Albert Naal Day, Month, 1904 Day, Month, 1980
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