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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Johanna Susanna Atherholt (born Atherholt [Mccarty]) Day, Month, 1833 Place Day, Month, 1895
Albert Herman Mccarty Day, Month, 1913 Place, USA Day, Month, 1985
Anastasia Shoemaker (born Mccarty) Day, Month, 1870 Place 1951
Andrew Jackson Mccarty 1812 1880
Armazinda Mccarty 1873 Place, Kentucky Day, Month, 1928
Bertha Lelia Bledsoe (born Mccarty) Day, Month, 1897 Place, USA Day, Month, 1932
Bertha Lelia Bledsoe (born Mccarty) Day, Month, 1897 Place, USA Day, Month, 1932
Catherine E Stackhouse (born Mccarty) Day, Month, 1868 Place Day, Month, 1928
Charles James Mccarty Day, Month, 1903 Day, Month, 1969
Charlotte Marie Pazuk (born Mccarty) Day, Month, 1910 Day, Month, 1979
Chester Grey Mccarty Day, Month, 1903 Day, Month, 1927
Cleo Mccarty Day, Month, 1909 Place, USA Day, Month, 1977
Cynthia Hill (born Mccarty) 1818 Place, USA Day, Month, 1873
Donal Mccarty 1620 Place, Ireland 1668
Donal Mccarty 1620 Place, Ireland 1668
Doris Alma Garrett (born Mccarty) Place, Texas 1996
Elizabeth Jane Mccarty (born Ninemires) Day, Month, 1841 Day, Month, 1899
Emma Mccarty (born Barlow) Day, Month, 1889 Day, Month, 1987
Emma Radford (born Mccarty) Day, Month, 1934 Day, Month, 2007
Eunice Sarah (Known With Middle Name Serupta By The Family) Rose (born Mccarty) Day, Month, 1891 Place, USA
Evelyn June Snyder (born Mccarty) Day, Month, 1918 Day, Month, 2008
Folie Reeves (born Mccarty) Day, Month, 1889 Place, Texas Day, Month, 1962
Freda Delores (Lorsie) Mccarty (born Coleman) Day, Month, 1929 Place, Ohio Day, Month, 1995
Frederick Duwane Mccarty Day, Month, 1965 Place, TX
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