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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Leila Elouise 1-Macvicker; 2-Diaz; 3-Mathis (born Raulerson) Day, Month, 1904 Place, Florida Day, Month, 1983
Mary Jane Frasher / Other Spouse Mathis (born Napier) Date, 1837 Place Day, Month, 1889
Allen Grady "Toad" Mathis Day, Month, 1892 Day, Month, 1969
Anna Mathis (born Christen Von Der Sage Wolfenschiessen) Day, Month, 1876 1964
Babette Juon (born Mathis) Day, Month, 1997 Place
Benjamin Franklin Mathis Day, Month, 1870 Place, New Jersey 1940
Bertha Josefa Schleiss (born Mathis) Day, Month, 1896 1935
Bobbie Nell Mathis (born Jackson) Day, Month, 1928 Day, Month, 1993
Carl Mathis Day, Month, 1924 Day, Month, 2002
Charles O Mathis Day, Month, 1939 Day, Month, 2004
Dathel Euline Mathis (born Ownby) Day, Month, 1927 Place, Tennessee Day, Month, 1996
David Monroe Mathis Day, Month, 1938 Place, Nc
Donna Eileen Mathis (born Kline) Day, Month, 1958 Day, Month, 2004
Edmond Cavalier Mathis Day, Month, 1824 Place, USA Day, Month, 1891
Elisabeth Odermatt (born Mathis) 1838 Place Day, Month, 1911
Elisabetha Mathis (born Welling) Day, Month, 1878 Place, USA Day, Month, 1941
Emmie Mae Bates (born Mathis) Day, Month, 1900 Day, Month, 1983
Ermadine Biddie Bates (born Mathis) Day, Month, 1899 Day, Month, 1965
Gary Wayen Mathis Day, Month, 1950 Place, Missouri 1985
Gebhardina Mathis (born Schuler) Day, Month, 1904 Place, Austria Day, Month, 1979
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