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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Earl Richard Of Pembroke 3th Marshall Date, 1194 Place, England Day, Month, 1238
Robert James Calder Marshall Date, 1825 Place, USA 1885
Emma Jane Lavinder (Lewis Marshall) (born Goode) Day, Month, 1861 Place, Virginia Day, Month, 1935
Sarah Biggart (born Della Marshall) Day, Month, 1911 Place, SC Day, Month, 1993
Elizabeth (Isabel) De Clare (born Marshall) Countess Of Gloucester Day, Month, 1200 Place, Wales Day, Month, 1240
Eva De Braose (born Marshall) 1203 Place, Wales 1246
Isabel Giffard(Marshall) (born Fitzgilbert De Clare) 4th Countess Of Pembroke 1171 Place, Wales Day, Month, 1220
Maud (Matilda) Bigod (born Marshall) Countess Of Norfolk Day, Month, 1192 Place, England Day, Month, 1248
William Giffard(Marshall) Le Mareschal 3rd Earl Of Pembroke Day, Month, 1146 Place, Wales Day, Month, 1219
Arthur Wellesley Field Marshall, 1st Duke Of Wellington Day, Month, 1769 Place, Ireland Day, Month, 1852
Hon. Arthur Wellesley [Wesley] 1st Duke Of Wellington Field Marshall Day, Month, 1769 Place Day, Month, 1852
Elizabeth Watson (born Read (Nee Marshall)) 1807 Place Day, Month, 1870
Maud Matilda De Warenne (born D Aubigny Marshall) 1178 Place, England Day, Month, 1216
Mary Elizabeth Pack (born Scott Marshall) Day, Month, 1846 Place Day, Month, 1936
Charles / Charlie Charlie /Marshall Day, Month, 1902 Place, Kentucky Day, Month, 1969
Daisey Charlie /Marshall (born Thomas) Day, Month, 1907 Place, Kentucky Day, Month, 1992
Robert Jr Lord Marshall 1634 England Day, Month, 1696
Amma R. Robertson (born Robertson, Marshall) Day, Month, 1895 Place, LA Day, Month, 1967
Clara Walker (born Robertson) Day, Month, 1899 Place, LA Day, Month, 1994
John Wesley Robertson, Marshall Day, Month, 1849 USA Day, Month, 1909
Thressia Marice Duncan (born Robertson) Day, Month, 1881 Place, TX Day, Month, 1959
Abner R. "Pete" Marshall Day, Month, 1907 Place, USA Day, Month, 1990
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