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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Elizabeth Pettingell (born Cline) (Kline, Clyne, Cleyn) Date, 1732 Place Day, Month, 1790
Blanche Hunter (born Della Kline) Day, Month, 1887 Place, Ks Day, Month, 1954
Christian Klein ( Kline) 1680 Place, Germany 1750
Adolph J. Klein (Kline) 1872 Hungary Day, Month, 1935
Anna Marie Polly Kammerer (born Klein (Kline)) Day, Month, 1791 Place, USA Day, Month, 1873
Anthony Klein (Kline) Day, Month, 1777 Place, Virginia 1859
Catherina Elisabetha Klein (Kline) (born Muller) Date, 1818 Place, Germany Date, 1852
Christine (M1c-2r) Klein (Kline) (born Heil) Day, Month, 1885 Place, Russia Day, Month, 1978
Cyril Raymond Klein (Kline) Date, 1893 Place, Australia 1952
Dorothy Esther (M2c-1r) Schanzenbach (born Klein) Day, Month, 1911 Place, United States Day, Month, 1992
Elizabeth B. Herchelroth (Hartleroad) (born Klein (Kline)) Day, Month, 1785 Place, USA Day, Month, 1869
Erma Alice (M2c-1r) Klein (born Klein (Kline)) Day, Month, 1909 Place, United States Day, Month, 1910
Florence Winnefred Belval (born Klein) (M2c-1r) Day, Month, 1921 Place, United States Day, Month, 2003
Friedrich (Fred) (H-M1c-2r) Klein (Kline) Day, Month, 1884 Place, Russia Day, Month, 1961
Lorenz Klein (Kline) Date, 1823 Germany Date, 1884
Ruby Eleanor (M2c-1r) Hibma (born Klein) Day, Month, 1913 Place, United States Day, Month, 1994
Ruth Margaret Deuth (born Klein) (M2c-1r) Day, Month, 1913 Place, United States Day, Month, 1939
Abraham\Itzig\Yitzchak Klein \Kline Day, Month, 1875 Russia Day, Month, 1956
Geraldine\”Goldie” Klein (born Klein \Kline) Day, Month, 1902 Place, PA Day, Month, 1986
Khaya Avrumova Gersheva Chaya\Ida Klein \Kline (born Pawlocky\Povlotsky) 1878 Place, Ukraine Day, Month, 1943
Johannes "John" Klein {Kline} Day, Month, 1826 Place, Germany Day, Month, 1873
Philopena Henn (born Kline) Day, Month, 1859 Place, Germany Day, Month, 1941
Elizabeth Myers (born Klein) Day, Month, 1831 Place, Germany Day, Month, 1907
Johannes/John (Johannes Klein) Klein/Kline Date, 1761 Germany Day, Month, 1847
John Klein/Kline 1801 Place, Germany Day, Month, 1881
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