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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Jozefin Klingert (born Káplán) Day, Month, 1873 Place Day, Month, 1959
Martha Forman (born Forman (Kaplan)) Date, 1917 Place, USA 1957
Ruza Rejzl Kaplan (born Ruff(Kaplan)) 1891 Place 1941
Muriel Flink (born Flink (Kaplan)) Day, Month, 1920 Place, USA Day, Month, 2012
Jan Rameš, Kněžské Svěcení 28.8.1884, 1884-1895 Kaplan Chotusice,1895-1896 Kaplan Lužany, 1896 -1913 Farář Ohnišťany, 1913-1927 Farář Smidary,Hosodský V Podůlší Č.31,Okr.Jičín Day, Month, 1862 Place Day, Month, 1927
Arnošt Rameš, Vysvěcen 24.8.1882, 1883 Kooperátor V Loukově,1885 Kaplan V Jenišovicích,1886 Kaplan V Rovensku, 22.7.1888 -30.8.1899 Kaplan V Libuni, 1893 Dočasný Správce Farnosti V Libuni, 1894 Duchovní Administrátor Farnosti Libuň,1895 Druhý Kapla Day, Month, 1857 Place Day, Month, 1915
Vincenc Rameš,Kněžské Svěcení 13.7.1890,1890-1894 Kaplan Ohnišťany,1894-1896 Administrátor Ohnišťany, 1896-1897 Kaplan Lužany, 1897-1907 Kaplan Nová Paka, 1907-1908 Administrátor Lužany, 1908-1941 Farář Radim Day, Month, 1867 Place Day, Month, 1941
Icik "Irving\Isadore" Kopans\Kaplan Date, 1912 Place, Russia Date, 1960
Menuche\Mamie Kopans\Kaplan (born Katzef) Date, 1885 Place, Russia Day, Month, 1921
Moishe-David Kopans\Kaplan Date, 1880 Place, Russia Day, Month, 1955
Anna Harris (born Chechonsky (Kaplan)) 1856 Place Day, Month, 1935
Rose Passoff (born Lakofsky-Kaplan) Day, Month, 1894 Place, Russia Day, Month, 1972
Aaron Kaplan Date, 1856 Russia Date, 1895
Aaron Kaplan 1867 Place Day, Month, 1959
Aaron Kaplan 1867 Place Day, Month, 1959
Aaron Kaplan 1867 Place Day, Month, 1959
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