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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Anders Johannessen Haarklau 1750 Place Day, Month, 1827
Berthe Johannessen Haarklau (born Berthelsdatter Næss) 1750 Place Day, Month, 1821
Anne Elisa Haarklau (born Vilnes) Day, Month, 1882 Place, Norway 1916
Jon Nikolaison Haarklau Day, Month, 1904 Place, Norway Day, Month, 1968
Nekolai Haarklau Day, Month, 1876 Place, Norway 1964
Olina Andrine Haarklau (born Aarseth) Day, Month, 1902 Place Day, Month, 1977
Andreas Anderssen Haarklau Day, Month, 1839 Place, Norway Day, Month, 1875
Geir Haarklau Day, Month, 1949 Place Day, Month, 1985
Karoline Olsdatter Groneng Haarklau (born Groneng) Day, Month, 1848 Place, Norway Day, Month, 1930
Kristian Pedersen Haarklau Date, 1850 Place Day, Month, 1919
Oliane Kristiansdatter Haarklau Seines (born Haarklau) Day, Month, 1880 Place, Norway Day, Month, 1913
Anders Andersen Haarklau Day, Month, 1784 Place, Norway Day, Month, 1841
Anne Monsdatter Freysland Haarklau 1777 Place, Norway Day, Month, 1855
Berthe Johannesdtr. Søberg (born Haarklau) Day, Month, 1817 Place 1878
Bjarne Johannesson Haarklau Day, Month, 1915 Day, Month, 1984
Brite Bertelsdatter Ness Haarklau (born Ness) 1750 Place, Norway 1821
Johannes K. Haarklau Day, Month, 1878 Place 1935
Olle Andersen Haarklau 1644 Place 1732
Else Mari Haarklau Day, Month, 1944 Day, Month, 1988
Anders Jonsen Haarklau 1749 Day, Month, 1827
Edvard Johannesson Haarklau Day, Month, 1913 Day, Month, 1983
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