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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Ozias Honorable /Goodwin 1596 Place, England Day, Month, 1683
Madolyn Allen Goodwin (born Goodwin) 1917 Place, United States Day, Month, 1999
Rebecca Elizabeth Allen (born Allen [Goodwin]) Day, Month, 1843 Place, Pennsylvania Day, Month, 1931
Alta Rebecca Alta Rebecca Goodwin (born Whatley) Day, Month, 1882 Place, Arkansas Day, Month, 1965
Amanda Sedora "Dora" Churchill (born Porter Goodwin) Day, Month, 1854 Place, USA Day, Month, 1933
Edythe Florella Grace Goodwin (born Gowing Goodwin) Day, Month, 1915 Place Day, Month, 2001
Fermor Moscaritolo (born Feathers [Goodwin]) Day, Month, 1914 Place, NH Day, Month, 1982
Ethel L. Parker Goodwin (born Pennington) Day, Month, 1898 Place, Mo Day, Month, 1982
Caladonia "Callie" Mitchell Goodwin (born Mcelvain) Day, Month, 1860 Place Date, 1916
Oscar H A K A Oliver? Goodwin Day, Month, 1831 Place, USA 1904
Ramona Lockhard (born Butler/Goodwin) Day, Month, 1938 Place, Maine Day, Month, 1987
Mary C./G. Potter (born G. /Goodwin) Day, Month, 1871 Place Day, Month, 1904
Robert Francis Parker M. Goodwin, Keith Day, Month, 1865 Canada Day, Month, 1935
Rosa Jim Arnold [ 1 ] Grover Reese [ 2 ] ? Goodwin [ 3 ] (born Bostick) 1880 Place Day, Month, 1952
Joan Jim Goodwin (born Sherwood) Day, Month, 1919 Place Day, Month, 1985
Elsie Elsie Goodwin (born Renfrey) Day, Month, 1915 Place, England Day, Month, 1989
Helen Parrish (born Helen Goodwin) Day, Month, 1813 Place, United States Of America Day, Month, 1886
Olive Plaisted (born Coleman Plaisted Goodwin) Day, Month, 1628 Place, England 1682
Connor Harvey Wistow Goodwin Day, Month, 2000 Place Day, Month, 2000
Ann Mary Power (born Good Or Goodwin) Day, Month, 1811 Place Day, Month, 1849
Anne Good (born Good Or Goodwin) Day, Month, 1811 Place Day, Month, 1849
John A Good Or Goodwin 1782 Place 1828
Lily Elizabeth Tutt (born Palmer (Goodwin)) Day, Month, 1921 Place Day, Month, 2006
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