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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Łucja Dawicka Zd.Gaban (born Graban) Day, Month, 1918 Place Day, Month, 1986
Marta Stella Zd.Gaban (born Graban) Day, Month, 1880 Place 1945
Anna Clelia Gaban (born Braga Pereira) Day, Month, 1948 Place Day, Month, 2012
Marianna Rompa Zd.Gaban (born Graban) Day, Month, 1869 Place
Alcideo Gaban 2009
Dirceu Antonio Gaban Place
Marie Catherine Pélagie Fleurquin (born Gaban) 1756 Place
Marie Catherine Pélagie Fleurquin (born Gaban) 1756 Place
Matthias Gaban 1846 Place, Canada
Oclides Gaban Day, Month, 1938 Day, Month, 1987
Luis Gómez-Villaboa Gabán 1897 Day, Month, 1954
Luisa Gómez-Villaboa Gabán (born Gómez-Villaboa Gutiérrez) 1886 1893
Sila López Novoa (born Gómez-Villaboa Gabán) Day, Month, 1895 Day, Month, 1990
Vicente Gómez-Villaboa Gabán Day, Month, 1884 1885
Esteban González Gabán Day, Month, 1766 Place
Mansor MD Gaban 1934 1987
Micaela Gabán Sepulveda (born Villarreal Santander) Place
Milagros García Ruiz (born Bravo Gaban)
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