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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Francisco Gabaldá Day, Month, 1910 Place Day, Month, 1967
Teresa Gabaldá (born Esteve) Day, Month, 1907 Place Day, Month, 1999
Ernestine Germaine Gabalda (born Barraquier) Day, Month, 1886 Place Day, Month, 1974
Jacques Antoine Gabalda Day, Month, 1791 Place Day, Month, 1852
Jeanne Marie Leontine Boizier (born Gabalda) Day, Month, 1926 Place Day, Month, 1985
Joseph Pierre Gabalda Day, Month, 1885 Place Day, Month, 1957
Leontine Angele Gabalda (born Renoux) Day, Month, 1885 Place 1988
Maurice Jules Gabalda Day, Month, 1884 Place Date, 1925
Pablo Christobal Francisco Gabalda 1854 Place 1927
Françoise Treuilhe Davasse (born Gabalda Cesses) Day, Month, 1749 Place Day, Month, 1819
Rosario Zoppetti (born Andreu Gabalda) Day, Month, 1862 Place Day, Month, 1930
Toribio Jose Antonio Torrembó Gabalda Day, Month, 1892 Place Date, 1967
Catalina Riba Gabaldá (born Clavijo De La Vega) 1893 Place Day, Month, 1958
Josefa Maria Perez Escuriola (born Emo Marti) Place Day, Month, 1953
Anny Cisteró Gabaldà (born Bahima Auguet) Day, Month, 1914 Place
Ángel Bes Gabaldá Day, Month, 1935 Place
Paquito Aguilera Gabalda Day, Month, 1966 Place
Josep Bofarull Gabalda 1711 Place 1779
Teresa Sainz (born Queralt Gabaldá) Day, Month, 1974
José (Pepe) Riba Gabaldá
Lluis Gabaldá Day, Month, 1943 Place Date, 2003
Anne Marie Meriguet (born Gabalda) 1910 1981
Jeanne Feilhes (born Gabalda) 1740 Day, Month, 1803
Julina Marguerite Marie Rullier (born Gabalda) Day, Month, 1915 Day, Month, 2004
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