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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Ruth Frau Fabian (born Schafer) 1929 Place 1987
Ruth Frau Fabian (born Schafer) 1929 Place 1987
Gyula Dr. Fábián Day, Month, 1930 Place 2004
Davidsson Axel Fabian Reinhold Day, Month, 1889 Place Day, Month, 1961
Davidsson F Nilsson Axel Fabian Reinhold (born Helena Maria) Day, Month, 1888 Place Day, Month, 1974
Karoline Herhuth (born Herhuth [Fabian]) Day, Month, 1857 Germany Day, Month, 1922
Teofila Tovar Bote (born Santos Fabian) 1881 Place Day, Month, 1962
Teófila Tovar Bote (born Santos Fabián) 1881 Place Day, Month, 1962
Franciska Nagy-Zsenyei Nyull (born Fábián) Day, Month, 1843 Place Day, Month, 1919
András Fábián 1804 Place 1848
András Fábián 1806 Place Day, Month, 1884
András Fábián Day, Month, 1937 Place Day, Month, 1997
Anna Klujber (born Fábián) Day, Month, 1904 Place 1988
Anna Pintz (born Fábián) Day, Month, 1913 Place Day, Month, 1946
Anton Fábián Day, Month, 1793 Place, Hungary Day, Month, 1859
Anton Fábián Day, Month, 1833 Place, Hungary Day, Month, 1873
Balázs Fábián (born Anna) 1901 Place Day, Month, 1978
Balázs Fábián (born Anna) 1901 Place Day, Month, 1978
Borbála Csányi (born Fábián) Day, Month, 1914 Place 1992
Borbála Fülöp (born Fábián) Day, Month, 1888 Place 1980
Ábrahám-István Fábián 1974 Place 2008
Béla Fábián 1923 Place 1924
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