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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Madeleine (Magdalena) Fath (Faath) (born Bayer (Beyer.Beier)) Date, 1760 Place Day, Month, 1824
Pierre (Petrus Petri) Fath (Faath) Day, Month, 1764 Place Day, Month, 1810
Anna Maria Zimpelmann (born Faath) 1730 Place Day, Month, 1786
Barbara Faath (born Garrecht) Day, Month, 1773 Place Day, Month, 1857
Ernst Faath Day, Month, 1907 Place 1987
Hermann Faath Day, Month, 1919 Place Date, 1944
Johanna- Joséphine Faath (born Harnist) Day, Month, 1908 Place Day, Month, 1969
Margarete Eichmann (born Faath) Day, Month, 1851 Place Day, Month, 1928
Maria Margaretha Faath (born Entzminger) Day, Month, 1715 Place Day, Month, 1779
Anna Margaretha Schwartz (born Faath) 1751 Day, Month, 1777
Ernestine Körber (born Faath) Day, Month, 1915 Day, Month, 2008
Eva Margaretha Wambsganß (born Faath) 1720 Day, Month, 1793
Franz Faath Day, Month, 1860 Place Day, Month, 1922
Georg Faath Day, Month, 1897 Place Day, Month, 1917
Hedwig Faath Day, Month, 1902 Place Day, Month, 1903
Klara Faath (born Huber) Day, Month, 1862 Place Day, Month, 1891
Otto Faath Day, Month, 1901 Place Day, Month, 1901
Claudius Fath (Faath) Day, Month, 1723 Place
Marie Elisabeth Fath (Faath) (born Emmerich (Emmerick)) Date, 1701 Place
Anna Glatz (born Faath) Day, Month, 1886 Day, Month, 1965
Anna Maria Knochel (born Faath) Date, 1705 Place, Germany
Apollonia Faath (born Bösherz) Day, Month, 1862 Place
Catharina Koebel (born Faath) Date, 1724 Date, 1756
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