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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Martha Patsy Martha Clements (born Steadman) 1790 Place 1860
Winifred Cicily Clements (born Plant) Clements Day, Month, 1917 Place Day, Month, 1992
Elizabeth Lake (Clements 2nd Marriage) (born Ware) Day, Month, 1778 Place 1869
Eula Grace S.G.Clements (born Sellers) Day, Month, 1874 Place Day, Month, 1961
Janice Mae Rhyno / Clements (born Penny) 1960 Place, Canada Day, Month, 1995
Henry George? Clements 1828 Place, Ireland 1858
Lucinda Lingo (born Humphries Clements) Day, Month, 1806 Place, Georgia Day, Month, 1882
Jonathan Clayman (Claman Clements) 1760 Place, USA 1835
Alberta Clarice Bannah ...Clements ...Smith (born Callighan) Day, Month, 1898 Place Day, Month, 1969
Abigail Lydia /Clements (born Clements) Date, 1618 England Date, 1675
Lydia Lydia Clements (born Drummer) Date, 1595 Place Date, 1641
Frances Elizabeth Clements (born Jones Clements (Widow Of Herman)) Day, Month, 1919 Place Day, Month, 2002
Catherine Elease Jones, Clements (born Smith) Day, Month, 1922 Place, Georgia Day, Month, 2001
Margreta Torlaksdatter Løgit Og Clements (born Vikøy) D.E. 1634 Place 1692
Maria Consuelo Montagu (born Iznaga Y Clements) 1853 Place, USA Day, Month, 1909
Mary Bell Maggie Clements (born Perdue-Clements) Date, 1853 Place, USA Day, Month, 1915
Frances Clara Owens (born Clemens) [Clemmens/Clements] Day, Month, 1903 Place, Georgia Day, Month, 1996
Frances Clara Owens (born Clemens) [Clemmens/Clements] Day, Month, 1903 Place, Georgia Day, Month, 1996
Dorothy Freese Adams Clements (born Carr) 1677 Place, USA Day, Month, 1741
Mary (May )Victoria Finch & Clements (born Petersen) Day, Month, 1893 Place Day, Month, 1977
Sarah Lorena Clements (born Hathcock Clements) Day, Month, 1864 Place, USA Day, Month, 1928
Richard Herbert Marshall\Clements Day, Month, 1871 Place Day, Month, 1872
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