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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Manuel Rivas Caba Date, 1829 Place, Dominican Republic Day, Month, 1855
Josefa Emilia Espinal Jimã©nez (born Hued Caba) 1906 Place Day, Month, 1940
Anna Cába Day, Month, 1899 Place Day, Month, 1903
Božena Rážová (born Cábová) Day, Month, 1883 Place Day, Month, 1971
František Cába Day, Month, 1938 Place Day, Month, 1958
Jiří Cába Day, Month, 1944 Place Day, Month, 1991
Jiřina Cába (born Kašová) Day, Month, 1921 Place Day, Month, 1998
Mathilde Cába (born Semper) Day, Month, 1877 Place 1962
Matouš Cába Day, Month, 1900 Place Day, Month, 1970
Stanislav Cába Day, Month, 1926 Place Day, Month, 2010
Václav Cába Day, Month, 1878 Place Day, Month, 1945
Lukáš Řídel(Cába) Day, Month, 1710 Place Day, Month, 1759
Marie Alžběta Caba (born Řídelová) Day, Month, 1751 Place Day, Month, 1821
José Benedicto (Belelo) Saint-Hilaire Caba Day, Month, 1927 Place Day, Month, 2000
Samuel Antonio Saint-Hilaire Caba Day, Month, 1924 Place Day, Month, 2008
Teresina Elvira I Julita Harder (born Relat) Day, Month, 1912 Place Day, Month, 2010
Juana Hernández Bardera (born Caba Gil) Date, 1805 Place, Dominican Republic 1892
Juana Hernã¡Ndez Bardera (born Caba Gil) 1805 Place 1892
Juana Perez (born De La Caba) Day, Month, 1588 Place 1652
María De Los Dolores Rodríguez Thomas (born Caba Gil) Date, 1800 Place, Dominican Republic Day, Month, 1878
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