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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Knute Klausen (C. Vete) (Rec. Vaethe) White Day, Month, 1888 Place, Norway Day, Month, 1972
Blanchard Tyner Augusta C. White (born Pettengill) Day, Month, 1850 Place, Indiana Date, 1920
Cordelia Caroline Cordelia C. White (born Hartley) Day, Month, 1861 Place, WV Day, Month, 1898
Catherine White [>>> (born Lindley [>) C, ?? Day, Month, 1732 Place Day, Month, 1811
Noel Bliss Mackintoch (born White) B.A., R.U.C Day, Month, 1900 South Africa Day, Month, 1936
W[5l6, 6l5] Rebecca Hadley L> (born White [>>>) C Day, Month, 1825 Place, USA
5l6 Jane White [>>> (born Hadley L>) C Day, Month, 1804 Place, NC Day, Month, 1864
Malinda C (born White) White 1894 Place, USA
Malinda C (born White) White 1894 Place, USA
Malinda C (born White) White 1894 Place, USA
Anna (C. Vete) (Rec. Vaethe) White (born Knutsdotter) 1865 1884
Maria Clavsdotter (C. Vete) (Rec. Vaethe) White (born Saetre) 1902 Place, Norway
Martha Klausdotter (C. Vete) (Rec. Vaethe) White 1891 1915
Walter C.White Day, Month, 1894 Day, Month, 1966
Georgia Frank C. White (born Ward) Day, Month, 1879 Place, West Virginia 1970
Orin Clay White C Day, Month, 1912 Place Day, Month, 1984
William White [>>> C, ?? Day, Month, 1728 Place Day, Month, 1779
H5l6 William White [>>> C Day, Month, 1803 Place Day, Month, 1835
Nora Deasy (born (C. Vete) (Rec. Vaethe) White) Day, Month, 2012
Helen Alexander (born White) C Day, Month, 1901 Place, OK Day, Month, 1985
Nathaniel Seeley [Brøderbund Wft Vol. 2, Ed. 1, Tree #2759, Date Of Import: Mar 28, 2000];!Will Of Adam Collins, Albany, Ny Calendar Of Wills (Fhl #974.7 P28f);Elizabeth S. White, Descendants Of Obadiah Seeley (Fhl #929.273 Se34w) ;Vital Records Of Stamford, Fairfield, C Day, Month, 1699 Place, Connecticut
Klaus Anderson Grimarstad (C. Vete) (Rec. Vaethe) White
Noel Bliss Macintosh (born White) B.A.,R.U.C. 1900 1936
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