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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Elizabeth Edgeler (born Webb) Or Bright 1790 Place Day, Month, 1855
Elizabeth Reid (born Reid (Bright)) 1832 Ireland 1873
Darwin Riley 'Dutch' Burelison-Bright Day, Month, 1893 Place, USA Day, Month, 1972
Andrew O'Bright Day, Month, 1872 Place, Canada 1931
Elizabeth Elizabeth Bright (born Gratrix) 1839 Place, England Day, Month, 1900
Carolina C (Caroline C,Carolina C Herrin Haren,Herren,Harron) Carolina Bright, Morgan (born Haren) Herren Day, Month, 1829 Place, North Carolina Day, Month, 1917
Ntombi Tryphina Huma (Bright) (born Buthelezi) Day, Month, 1947 Place Day, Month, 2012
Cleo C. Sr. Bright Day, Month, 1907 Place, In Day, Month, 1987
Green Thomas Hatley "Bright" Day, Month, 1866 Place, Tx Day, Month, 1947
Lena Edith Jones (born Kemp) Bright Jones Day, Month, 1894 Place, USA Day, Month, 1970
Dorothy Blanch Dorothy Bright (born Stevicks) Day, Month, 1923 Place 1974
Eleanor Etheridge, Bright (born Nicholas) 1649 Place, USA 1719
Albert Edward Bright Day, Month, 1901 Place 1976
Alvada Queenie Bright (born Cromwell) Day, Month, 1914 Place Day, Month, 1980
Anna Mae Bright (born Weeks) Day, Month, 1930 Day, Month, 2009
Anne Bright Day, Month, 1912 Place Day, Month, 2002
Bambie Stewart (born Bright) Day, Month, 1954 Day, Month, 2011
Bonnie Jo Wallace (born Bright) Day, Month, 1942 Day, Month, 2002
Carlton Bright Day, Month, 1943 Day, Month, 1991
Carrie Ella Bright (born Root) Day, Month, 1860 Place, Missouri Date, 1909
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