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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Nina Bell Barnes (born Maclaren) Barnes Day, Month, 1891 Place, USA Day, Month, 1927
Alice Edith Calaby (Barnes) (born Gadsby) Day, Month, 1884 Place 1971
Bertie Charles (Bert) Calaby (Barnes) 1885 Place Day, Month, 1965
Gertrude Lenore Petersen/Barnes (born Christensen) Day, Month, 1901 Place Day, Month, 1991
Mary Eliza "Lizza" Smith (born Taylor Barnes) Day, Month, 1880 Place, Alabama Day, Month, 1939
Nora Cannon (born Della Barnes) Day, Month, 1886 Place Day, Month, 1970
Della Della Lee Gray Barnes (born Lee) Day, Month, 1900 Place Day, Month, 1993
Delephina (Delia) Delphina Fryrear Barnes Montgomery (born Fryrear) Day, Month, 1848 Place, Kentucky Day, Month, 1925
*Daniel Brown Or (Gersham Barnes) Date, 1698 Place Day, Month, 1783
Michael Josiah Edward Avery-Barnes Day, Month, 1992 Place, USA Day, Month, 1997
William (?) Pa60.18 Lord Mayor London Barnes Date, 1569 Place, England Day, Month, 1619
Lorena Erire Lorena Erire Barnes (born Albin) Day, Month, 1918 Place, Texas Day, Month, 1999
Merriam Merriam Barnes (born Varney) Day, Month, 1898 Place 1993
Mathilde Karoline (Tilla) Andersen Bårnes (born Andreasdtr Bøe) Day, Month, 1870 Place 1934
Agnes Blanchard (born Bent) Widow Barnes Day, Month, 1602 Place, England Day, Month, 1639
Agnes Blanchard (born Bent) Barnes Day, Month, 1602 Place, England 1639
Eunice Hancock (born Hancock [Barnes]) Day, Month, 1810 Place Day, Month, 1892
Mary Huntley (born Hand Barnes) 1622 England Day, Month, 1687
Margaret Emeline "Tony" Eddings [Barnes] (born Pierce) Day, Month, 1865 Place, USA Day, Month, 1957
Susan Annie Spears Barnes (born Sheppard) Date, 1851 Place, AL 1936
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