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NameBirth DateBirth PlaceDeath Date
Margaret Hunloke (born Coke Or Barber) 1755 Place Day, Month, 1821
Sarah Oldfield (born Myvert Barber) 1696 Place, Georgia 1764
Sarah Oldfield (born Myvert Barber) 1696 Place, Georgia 1764
Jessica Mae Wardlow (born Kryder (Nee, Barber)) Day, Month, 1895 Place Day, Month, 1993
Asunción Roselló Martí (born Juan Gironés) Day, Month, 1907 Place Day, Month, 1986
Miguel Juan Barber Day, Month, 1879 Place Day, Month, 1961
Rosa Aunión Viciano (born Juan Gironés) Day, Month, 1908 Place Day, Month, 1965
Francisca Jover Anglada (born Calafat Campins) Day, Month, 1653 Place Day, Month, 1678
Joana Camps Borràs (born Piris Barber) 1852 Place Day, Month, 1893
Joana Piris Barber 1852 Place Day, Month, 1893
Maria Coll Mercadal (born Piris Al.Lès) Day, Month, 1877 Place Day, Month, 1903
Thérèse Confidentiel (born Alvado-Cerda) Day, Month, 1877 Place 1958
1 of 13,161 pages


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