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Johan Hansson Von Rosen
Hanna* Alfrida Svensson
Adolph Rosen
Albert Rosen
Albert (Rusignak) Rosen
Anna Rosen (born Berariu)
Anne Rosen (born Cohen)
Beatrice Rosen (born Kolchin)
Benedicte Catharina Malvine Louise Rosen (born Reventlow)
Benjamin Rosen
Photo taken: 1930
Carolena Rosen (born Davidsburg)
Carolena Rosen (born Davidsburg)
Carrie May Wright (born Rosen)
Photo taken: Apr 28 1946
Carrie May Wright (born Rosen)
חנה Chana ברנשטיין Berenstein (born רוזנין Rosen)
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