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American Ann Taylor (born Yates) (formerly Copas, Riley)
Mary Catherine George Riley Shivers (born Storr)
Ethel May Hayden, Riley (born Dailey)
Bessie Emma O'Riley (born Fuller)
Bessie Emma O'Riley (born Fuller)
Paula Jane Broeckel (born O'Riley)
Johann (John) Willam Plisch (Riley)
Emily Jane Mckeough (born Riley)
Dollie Hale Reily - O'Riley (born Maxwell)
Laura Eva Reily - O'Riley
Percy Davis Reily - O'Riley
Agnes Ellen Elizabeth Marchington (born Riley)
Agnes Ellen Elizabeth Marchington (born Riley)
Agnes Gertrude Ullman (born Riley)
Agnes Irene Riley (born Baldwin)
Agnes Maude Ducret (born Riley)
Albert Ernest Riley
Albert Israel Riley
Photo taken: April 20 2011
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