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Felix Tomás Acosta Reyes
Guillermo Acuña Reyes
Photo taken: Apr 12 2003
Eustolia Gomez Regalado (born Aleman Reyes)
Ma. De Los Angeles Aleman Reyes (born Aleman)
Maria Dolores Andrews Reyes (born Gonzalez Vigil)
Victoriana Herreros Regidor (born Arenales Reyes)
Encarnación Arroyo Reinoso
Photo taken: 24 de Diciembre de 2005
Rafael Arroyo Reinoso
Familia Muñoz Arroyo
Boda Rafa&Amalia004
Boda Jesús&Mary050
Jose Baeza Reyes
Jose Baeza Reyes
Julio-1964- Adolfo, Jose, Rosa, Aquilino y Matilde
Ricardo Barroso Reyes
Ana Sirta Sanchez Lara (born Benavides Reyes)
Encarnación Benítez López
Abuela Encarnacion Benitez
Jesús Benítes Reyes
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