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Euphemia Hastie Cuddy - Kelly (born Brown)
Irene Geraldine Felker/Kelly (born Geidel)
Phyllis Hazel Fitzroy-Kelly (born Robinson)
Wilfred Joseph Chamberlain Fitzroy-Kelly
Craig Frances Heron Kelly
Dorothy Pearl Hughlett, O'Connell, Kelly (born Gilbert)
Rhonda Lynne Westvik (born Blagburn) (formerly Johnson, Suman, Kelly)
Sarah Anna Eva Edith Klinger (born Kelley (Kelly))
Ada Kelly (born Halder)
Ada Griffiths (born Kelly)
Ada Agnes (Polly) D'Ombraine (born Kelly)
Agnes Belle Lamb (born Kelly)
Agnes Small Conway (born Kelly)
Albert Kelly
Albert Jellicoe Kelly
Alec John Charles Kelly
Alfred John Terrens Kelly
Alice Kelly (born Hudson)
1 of 240 pages


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