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Fergus Av Galloway
Fergus, Lord Of Galloway De Galloway
Helen "Elena" (Fitzalan) De Quincy (born De Galloway)
Margaret Fitzwalter (born De Galloway)
Uchtred Lord Of Macfergus Constable Scotland) De Galloway
Helen De Quincy Of Galloway
Margaret Stewart (born Douglas) Fair Maid Galloway
Margaret Douglas (born Stewart) Lady Of Galloway; Princess Of Scotland
Margaret Stewart Scotland (born Douglas Fair Maid Galloway)
Adelaide Haslam Galloway (born Marno)
Agnes Galloway
Agnes Galloway
Alexander Galloway
Photo taken: Dec 21 2009
Alice Galloway (born De Lacy)
Almeda May Eichholtz (born Galloway)
Almeda May Eichholtz (born Galloway)
Photo taken: 1951
Amy Maria Galloway (born Carter)
Amy Maria Galloway (born Carter)
Ann Cheston (born Galloway)
Ann Eliza Norton Swain (born Galloway)
Archibald Galloway
Photo taken: Unknown. unknow
Belle Zora Galloway (born Wilkinson)
Belle Zora Galloway (born Wilkinson)
Bessie Galloway (born Corbett)
Caroline Rebecca Galloway (born Evans)
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