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Maria Ludovica Leopoldina Francisca Theresa Josepha Lucia Bonaparte, 'Emperor Of The French; King Of Italy' (born Habsburg-Lorraine)
Napoléon Bonaparte, 'Emperor Of The French; King Of Italy' I
Napoléon François Joseph Charles Bonaparte, 'Emperor Of The French; King Of Rome' II
Nicholas (Nicolas) Dussault ( French)
Nicholas (Nicolas) Dussault ( French)
Napoleon I Emperor Of The French
Napoleon II Emperor Of The French
Marie Louise Empress Consort Of The French (born Princess Of Austria)
Aaron Swale French
Photo taken: England.
Adlia French
Albert C. French
Albert Pendleton French
Alexis Henry French
Alexis Henry French
Alice Aggar (born French)
Alice French
Alice Madora (Dora) French (born Cooley)
Photo taken: 1925
Alice Mary French (born Brown)
Alice Matilda French (born Gooding)
Photo taken: May 20 1956
Alice Rogers French (born Hicks)
Alma Annetta Sylvia Crocker (born French)
Alta Irene French
Photo taken: November 7 2009
Alta Irene French
Amelia French (born Stanchi)
Amos Tuck French
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