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Mireille Thieullet (born Cabal)
Alvaro Molina Cabal
Aurora Soto Martínez (born Molina Cabal)
Elisa Molina Cabal (born Molina Pérez)
Trinidad Vallaure Fernandez-Peña (born Molina Cabal)
Gilberto Serrano Cabal
Gilberto Serrano Cabal
Maria Olaida
Marta Cecilia Serrano Rincon (born Serrano Cabal)
Gaston Cabal
Aurora Molina Pérez (born Cabal Hevia-Campomanes)
Ceferino Suarez Cabal
Vicente Cabal Hevia-Campomanes
Luisa Alvarez Naves (born Cabal Fanjul)
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