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Immigrant Name Document Type Date State Details
RABAGLIA, Carmela New York Details
RABAGLIA, Attilio New York Details
RABAGLIA, Desolina New York Details
Gaudenzio Rabaglia Oath of Allegiance 1927-11-14 Massachusetts Details
Gaudenzio Rabaglia Petition for Naturalization 1927-08-10 Massachusetts Details
Gaudenzio Rabaglia Declaration of Intention 1922-08-21 Massachusetts Details


About this Collection

This database combines more than a dozen NARA datasets of naturalization records from several US jurisdictions. Records range from petitions and court records to index cards created to index other records.


Naturalizations -- CA Southern. NARA M1524.

Naturalization Petitions, Maryland. NARA M1640.

Naturalization Index -- WWI Soldiers. NARA M1952.

Naturalization Index -- NY Eastern. NARA M1164.

Naturalizations -- MD. NARA M1168.

Naturalizations -- MA. NARA M1368.

Naturalizations -- PA Eastern. NARA M1522.

Naturalizations -- PA Western. NARA M1537.

Naturalization Index -- MA. NARA M1545.

Naturalizations -- PA Middle. NARA M1626.

Naturalization Index -- NYC Courts. NARA M1674.

Naturalization Records of the U.S. Circuit Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, New Orleans Division: Petitions, 1838-1861. NARA P2233.