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Immigrant Name Document Type Date State Details
Haasis, Eugen Certificate of Arrival Maryland Details
Eugen Haasis Petition for Naturalization Maryland Details
Eugen Haasis Oath of Allegiance Maryland Details
HAASIS, CHARLES New York Details
HAASIS, CHARLES New York Details
Haasis, Eugen Maryland Details
Adolph Haasis Others 1930-12-03 Pennsylvania Details
Adolf Haasis Others 1930-07-02 Pennsylvania Details
Adolph Haasis Petition for Naturalization 1930-07-23 Pennsylvania Details
Adolph Haasis Declaration of Intention 1927-03-15 Pennsylvania Details
Jacob Haasis Declaration of Intention 1894-01-08 Pennsylvania Details
Jacob Haasis Petition for Naturalization 1896-01-11 Pennsylvania Details
HAASIS, CHARLES New York Details
HAASIS, KARL New York Details
HAASIS, GEORGE New York Details
HAASIS, GEORGE New York Details


About this Collection

This database combines more than a dozen NARA datasets of naturalization records from several US jurisdictions. Records range from petitions and court records to index cards created to index other records.


Naturalizations -- CA Southern. NARA M1524.

Naturalization Petitions, Maryland. NARA M1640.

Naturalization Index -- WWI Soldiers. NARA M1952.

Naturalization Index -- NY Eastern. NARA M1164.

Naturalizations -- MD. NARA M1168.

Naturalizations -- MA. NARA M1368.

Naturalizations -- PA Eastern. NARA M1522.

Naturalizations -- PA Western. NARA M1537.

Naturalization Index -- MA. NARA M1545.

Naturalizations -- PA Middle. NARA M1626.

Naturalization Index -- NYC Courts. NARA M1674.

Naturalization Records of the U.S. Circuit Court for the Eastern District of Louisiana, New Orleans Division: Petitions, 1838-1861. NARA P2233.