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Name Birth Date Death Date Photo Cemetery
Ruben G. Cabada August 30 1973 September 1 1973 Grave Calvary Catholic Cemetery (California, United States of America)
Bernardine Cabada 1894 1968 Calvary Cemetery (Pennsylvania, United States of America)
Miguel Cabada September 29 1885 November 3 1918 Grave Woodlawn Cemetery (Florida, United States of America)
Maria Eugenia Cabada October 7 1951 July 26 2006 Montecito Memorial Park (California, United States of America)
Angel Lopez Cabada August 2 1914 July 20 1980 San Juan Bautista Cemetery (California, United States of America)
Jesus Cabada March 20 1934 August 7 2012 Person Cedar Lawn Memorial Park (California, United States of America)
Domingo Cabada September 7 1918 Grave Holy Cross Cemetery (Texas, United States of America)


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